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VIDEO – Südamerika

April 05, 2012

Punta Arenas - king penguin male

I’m leaving today with the sailing boat to Panama – 5 month of South America will find their end at 6pm, when we set sails to the Caribbean and St Blas Islands, arriving in Portobelo, Panama in around 6 days.

I played a bit around with the new iMovie version of my iPhone and condensed more than one hour of video material of the last five month in South America to a small 1:34min piece. Take a look if you like it – and once more: thanks a lot to all the great people I could met on that trip so far and please take all care of you. Maybe see you in Central America!! :))

The last blog articles for “Chile – Christmas & New Year”, “Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador” as well as “Colombia” will be published after my cross over to Panama. They are more or less finished (still have to insert the pictures), but I want to give you a break after two big articles the last two days… ;)

Stay tuned!!


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